Ariana Grande Defends Pete Davidson Tattoo, Matching Tattoos

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson‘s relationship went from zero to engaged in, like, five and a half minutes, so it’s clear that they’re not too worried about rushing into things. In addition to having matching cloud tattoos, the celebs and their friends recently got the letters ‘H2GKMO’ inked on their bodies, causing fans to question, ya know, if they’re actually losing their minds.

You see, the letters are an acronym for ‘honest to God knock me out,’ a phrase Ari and her crew says quite often. But while the sentiment is clear, many people criticized her rash decision and said she’d regret it when she’s older.

One fan, however, defended the singer’s choice and tweeted, “Why yall having a breakdown over ariana getting a tattoo of something SHE WANTED TO HAVE. ‘she could’ve got something less permanent’ or you could shut up and let her live.”

The “No Tears Left to Cry” crooner responded to the Arianator’s tweet and further defended her decision.

“Ik it makes me so happy i can’t wait to be 90 and remember how happy my life was & how few f*cks my friends and i gave. (and it looks cute as fuck bye),” she wrote.

Honestly, we don’t blame her. Who knows if she’ll regret the tattoo in 50 years (just like we’ll never know if Pete will cringe at his two tattoos for Ariana), but it’s her body and it’s her life. Do you, boo boo!

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