Ariana Grande Hints She’s Still Crushing On Big Sean In ‘Thank U, Next’ Video: He ‘Could Still Get It’

Ariana Grande’s fans freaked out on Nov. 30 when she made a very cheeky reference to her ex Big Sean in her latest music video.

Great news for Big Sean. Apparently, Ariana Grande’s ex beau “could still get it.” That’s what the 25-year-old pop star cheekily suggested in her music video, “Thank U, Next.” The video – which dropped on Nov. 30 – was a hilarious take on the cult classic Mean Girls and, in several scenes, Ariana is flicking through her version of the burn book that is key in the 2004 movie. Eagle-eyed fans spotted that, next to a photo of her smooching her ex Big Sean, she drew a heart around his name and added the caption, “So cute. So Sweet. (Could still get it).”

Naturally, Ari’s fans nearly collectively lost their minds on Twitter. One person tweeted, “I choked.” Another person added, “OMG thank youuu next! I spent like 5 minutes trying to read it.” Devoted fans know that “Thank U, Next” is a song about Ariana’s famous exes, including Big Sean, 30, comedian Pete Davidson, 25, and the late rapper Mac Miller, 26. And, just as they do in the song, all three exes and her former boo Ricky Alvarez get named checked in the video.

According to her “Thank U, Next” book, Ricky was a “great dancer” and they’ll be “friends forever.” Meanwhile Pete, she wrote, is “HUUUGE.” She also added, “I love u always” and “srry I dipped.” (One fan clearly loved that page, tweeting, “Hahahaha I paused and read every page. Including Pete’s ‘HUUUUUUUUGE.’”) Another fan wrote, “Ariana Grande writing ‘srry I dipped’ about Pete Davidson in her music video is a WHOLEEEEEEEE a** mood.”

As for Big Sean – from whom she split in 2015 – fans are recommending that he picks up on her not so subtle comment. “It’s your move @BigSean,” one person tweeted. Another added, “@BigSean shoot your shot bro.” As for Big Sean himself, we’re waiting to see what his response is.

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