Ariana Grande Manchester Anniversary Message, Tweet

May 22, 2017 — a day no one ever saw coming and one that no one could forget. A terrorist attacker set off a bomb at the end of Ariana Grande‘s concert in Manchester, UK, killing 22 and injuring hundreds more. Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the senseless attack and the 24-year-old singer wants everone to know she will never forget what happened on that fateful day.

“Thinking of you all today and every day,” the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer tweeted. “I love you with all of me and am sending you all of the light and warmth I have to offer on this challenging day.”

Ari included a bee emoji because the insect is a symbol of the city and is something she and most of her crew got tattooed on their bodies following the bombing.

While it’s been a year since the attack, the effects are still very real. The singer recently broke down in sobs while talking about what happened on that fateful night.

“There are so many people who have suffered such loss and pain,” AG told Time magazine through tears. “The processing part is going to take forever… I don’t want to give it that much power, something so negative. It’s the absolute worst of humanity. That’s why I did my best to react the way I did. The last thing I would ever want is for my fans to see something like that happen and think it won.”

Our thoughts are with everyone who was affected by this senseless tragedy.

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