Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Cuddle In 1st PDA Selfie: ‘Slytherin’ To See How Cute They Are

Pete Davidson may be a Gryffindor, and Ariana Grande’s a Slytherin, but they’re still a match! Pete posted an adorable pic of himself and Ariana in their Hogwarts robes and we’re obsessed.

Okay first, let’s get this out of the way — Ariana Grande is a Slytherin? Anyway, she and rumored boyfriend Pete Davidson are having an amazing time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios LA, and commemorated the trip with an adorable pic. They’re one of those couples that dresses up in full Harry Potter regalia, which is pretty adorable. Pete went the classic Gryffindor route, wearing a red-lined robe, and a Gryffindor school sweatshirt. Same goes for Ariana, but she’s a Slytherin. The pic itself is sweet, but did you catch their comments? Don’t worry; we provided them below!

Pete captioned his photo, “the chamber of secrets has been opened…” Ariana replied, “u tryna slytherin (i’m deleting my account now).” Okay, at least she recognized how bad that joke is. Their flirting is apparently very frequent. Pete’s Saturday Night Live costar, Chris Redd, had to reply with the eye-roll emoji. Cute!

This is far from the first time that Pete and Ariana have gotten mushy about their blossoming romance on social media. On Memorial Day, May 28, Ari posted a photo of herself roasting marshmallows with a mystery guy. The tattoos on his arm indicate that it was definitely Pete! Before that, Ariana commented the blushing face emoji on one of Pete’s selfies. At this point, if they don’t confirm their relationship they’re either teasing their fans or majorly trolling them.

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