Ariana Grande Pete Davidson Matching Tattoos, Finger Cloud

A source recently told PEOPLE magazine that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson‘s relationship “just started” and is “very casual,” but their apparent matching tattoos tell another story.

Fans noticed that the 24-year-old singer and 24-year-old comedian both recently got small clouds tattooed on their left middle fingers.

It could obviously be coincidental that they both have the same ink in the same location on their bodies (lol), but fans are pretty convinced the new boyfriend-girlfriend duo actually did get tattooed together and aren’t too happy about it, ya know, since they’ve been dating for approximately five minutes.

Ariana and ex Mac Miller just recently confirmed their breakup, but reports say they were on the outs since last year.

“Ariana and Mac officially broke up right after Coachella weekend, but they ultimately struggled for a long time with their relationship, and it was basically over last year,” the source says.

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