Ariana Grande Throws Shade Following Pete Davidson Proposal Skit

UPDATE 6:45 PM PST: Yep, definitely about Pete. She also tweeted this:

For those who can’t see what’s inside the tweet, it’s a clip of the SNL promo and a comment criticizing SNL for “milking” the breakup.

Snap, snap!



It looks like Ariana Grande just gave Khloe Kardashian a run for her money in the Who’s The Biggest Subtweeter game!

Following Thursday’s new SNL promo, in which Pete Davidson pokes fun at himself by proposing to Maggie Rogers, Ariana tweeted:

She doesn’t name drop Pete, but she doesn’t even have to.

Pete has notably bemoaned the spotlight in the past. But he also does his best to keep it light. All of this just makes us wonder… what REALLY happened here?


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