Ariana Grande: Why Everyone is Convinced She’s Pregnant!

So Ariana Grande has had quite the eventful year so far.

She’s gone through some really wonderful things, some truly terrible things …

It honestly has been a whole, whole lot.

To start with the bad things, of course there was her breakup with Mac Miller.

And when he passed away from a suspected overdose a few months later, she definitely took the news hard.

But 2018 hasn’t been all bad, either.

She released a new album, Sweetener, and it’s been doing very well.

On a more personal note, she also became engaged to Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson!

In the beginning, there was some controversy over the engagement, since it happened just a few weeks after her breakup with Mac Miller.

But as time has gone on, most people seem to be more accepting of it.

(Not that it really matters what strangers think of her relationship, but hey, it is true.)

Lots of people have even come to find Ariana and Pete kind of adorable together, even when he’s admitted to “jerking off to her” before he met her.

Adorable enough to get excited about a pregnancy, though?

Guess we’ll see!

Ariana shared this new selfie this weekend:

She’s promoting her new perfume, Cloud, and while many of her fans seem excited about it, that’s not what they’re focusing on.

Instead, they’ve zeroed in on that playpen in the background.

Which, in case you couldn’t tell, was 100% made for a baby.

If you check out the comments on the photo, tons of her followers have been losing their minds over the playpen and what it might mean.

“Is she pregnant because i see that baby thing in the background,” one person asked, “maybe thats why she got engaged to pete so early.”

“Are you gonna have a baaaby?” another fan questioned.

Some were a little more excited, like the person who commented with “WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE A BABY BED???? YOU PREGNANT MY QUEEN??!!”

Along the same lines, someone else wrote “THERE IS A BABY CRIB OMG.”

Katy Perry even got invested in this mystery, asking “WHAT ARE YOU COOKING IN THE CRIB?”

Thankfully, Ariana was sweet enough to respond to all these questions.

Except she responded with “My secret child duh,” which didn’t really do much to calm down her fans.

Later on though, she revealed the truth, which is “That’s Piggy Smalls’ play pen in the background. The red is to keep ha warm.”

Because in case you missed it, she and Pete got a pet pig last month.

And they named it Piggy Smalls.

Look how cute he is:

As Pete explained in a recent interview “This girl, like, she was like, ‘I want a pig.’ And then an hour later it was just there.”

He also said that “Thefirst two days it was like really new and like, didn’t move much.”‘

“But then, now, it’s starting to bite and, you know, start to do stuff … I love it. I want it to get big and fat.”

Us too, Pete.

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Us too.

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