Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Lauren Burnham's Latest Announcement Was Met With Mixed Reactions

Social media is a brutal beast, especially for people who’ve fallen out of public favor. After E! News reported that The Bachelor‘s Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham are officially homeowners, the news was met with lukewarm to downright frigid responses from fans.

Luyendyk himself shared the news first via a post on Instagram. In the photo, he and Burnham are standing in the sunshine outside a lovely blue-doored house, her in a romper and him in "pants to match" said door. Burnham is holding keys in her hand and they are both beaming for the camera.

In comments on the Instagram post itself, people are supportive, which makes sense — they choose to follow Luyendyk, so they must care about his life to some degree. One person wrote, "LOVE the door color" with a heart-eyes emoji and added, "congrats on the new home you two!!" 

Another person wrote, "Darling picture and LOVE the style of your new home!" They also commented on the blue door, using a heart-eyes emoji and some hand gesture emoji to reflect their approval.

Burnham’s Instagram post, which features the pair in a different pose, got slightly more lukewarm reactions from her followers. One person wrote, "Happy for y’all! I think the internet is over arie by now. I totes support the 2 of u!! But Becca is gr8, too!!" Awkward.

Meanwhile, over on the E! News tweet, people are less than impressed. The outlet shared the link to the article, writing, "Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham are settling down in Scottsdale, Arizona." Just nine people replied to the tweet, but nearly all of them are downright scathing.

One person resorted to a Family Guy meme rather than actual words.

Another wrote, simply, "Terrible people."

This one might be the kicker: "Arie is creepy."

It would seem that some people haven’t gotten over how Luyendyk changed his mind after proposing to current Bachelorette Becca Kufrin on the season 22 finale of the Bachelor, deciding he wanted to be with Burnham instead. At least the couple’s social media followers are wishing them well, even if the general public doesn’t seem to care about their happy-couple milestone at all.

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