Arnold Schwarzenegger Reflects on Nasty Injury While Filming ‘Total Recall’ (Video)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is reflecting on past set experiences.

The 72-year-old Terminator star spoke about a serious injury sustained on 1990′s Total Recall in honor of the film’s 30th anniversary in an interview with Yahoo.

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In the movie scene he was filming, his character was on a chase through a subway station, running from a gang of hitmen, when he crashes through the window of a departing train with his gun.

“They did not explode the window before I hit the window with the gun, so therefore I cut my wrist deep. And I had to get stitched up during lunch break, which was at like midnight, because we were night shooting,” he explained.

“After I was stitched up and everything, we hid the bandages, we pulled the jacket all the way to the front and taped it up so we don’t see the bandages.”

Arnold was just seen wearing this on an early morning bike ride…

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