Ashley Graham Showing Off Bathing Suit Bods With Her Mother Via Instagram

Both Ashley Graham and Mama Graham are ready for summer.

Ashley Graham appears to be taking it easy on the second day of summer. Earlier today, the model posted to her Instagram and appeared to be spending some time with her mother. Both ladies were donning somewhat matching swimsuits, though Ashley opted for a two piece, while mother Linda Graham instead opted for a more modest one-piece bathing suit.

As stated in the caption of the image, seen below, it so appears the special occasion was Linda Graham’s birthday. The two seem completely at ease and happy to be spending time together.

In the past, Ashley Graham has been less than modest about showing off her body via social media. The supermodel and advocate of a body-positive lifestyle often appears on Instagram showing off her curves with a smile.

But please try to refrain from calling Ashley Graham a “plus-sized” model, as she’s not especially fond of the term. According to Elite Daily, Graham actually seems to consider the term downright offensive.

“I think the word ‘plus-size’ is so divisive to women. I think that when you use the word ‘plus-size,’ you’re putting all these women into a category: ‘You don’t eat well.’ ‘You don’t work out.’ ‘You could care less about your body.’ ‘You’re insecure.’ ‘You have no confidence.’

Ashley Graham can be seen tonight on Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition, which appears on CBS at 8 p.m. EST. In this episode, Graham dons a red wig, bright red lipstick, and glasses, to go undercover in an attempt to find work as a model. According to Sports Illustrated, Ashley Graham faces myriad hurdles, like being turned away from agency after agency as she tries her best to land a job without the benefit of her celebrity credibility.

HBD to one hot MAMA! @themamagraham ILYSM????????????????????

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In recent years, backlash has become more mainstream against societal and professional standards, perceived by many to be unrealistic. Proponents of the body-positive movement assert that advertisements nearly exclusively select models with a virtually unattainable, or at best, unsustainable, physical appearance. Ashley Graham is a role model to people across the world, who choose to be vocal about their comfort as they are, rather than aspiring to a body image deemed socially desirable.

While there have been significant changes made in advertisements and modeling standards in recent years, tonight’s episode of Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition, acts as a candle in the dark, in exposing the issues proponents of the body-positive movement maintain are still a significant issue facing all people.

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