Aussie PM Scott Morrison calls for investigation into US police targeting media

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What is currently happening in the United States of America would have been considered a war crime just a short time ago. We would have considered it a war crime if the American military went into another country, tear-gassed and flash-banged unarmed protesters (many of them children/teenagers) and violently assaulted members of the media. All of which happened yesterday in Washington DC, just a block away from the White House. Donald Trump ordered the military to beat the sh-t out of kids and journalists – who were demonstrating peacefully – all so he could do his bigly photo-op with a Bible.

For the past week, the police and now the military are actively targeting members of the press who are covering the protests, riots and demonstrations. Even when reporters and cameramen identify themselves as press, or their press credentials are clearly visible, they’re being assaulted, gassed, shot and/or arrested. It’s not just members of the American media either – the disintegration of American society is being viewed around the world. An Australian media outlet was in DC, covering the peaceful protest yesterday in DC. Those Aussies got beaten by the cops/military live on air:

This video includes another angle, where you can see the cop beating the cameraman and pushing him back.

This is so bad that the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, is requesting an investigation into the incident:

Two Australian journalists were assaulted by police on live TV during a protest outside the White House on Monday evening. Channel 7 News cameraman Tim Myers was punched and hit with a shield and U.S. correspondent Amelia Brace was hit with a truncheon while trying to escape. The police, dressed in riot gear, were removing protesters ahead of a media appearance by President Donald Trump.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has instructed Australia’s embassy in the U.S. to investigate the incident, which comes amid a string of police attacks on media during the protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd.

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At this point, I feel like we Americans actually need some outsiders to come in and mediate some sh-t. I’m not saying that to pass the buck, I’m saying that because this sh-t is only going to get worse in the next five months, and God help us if Trump “wins” re-election. There will be no coming back. Count me in for putting UN Peacekeepers in American cities and asking the United Nations to monitor our elections. I welcome Australian investigators to come in and investigate and prosecute the thugs with badges assaulting members of foreign media as well.

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