‘Bachelor In Paradise’s’ Jordan Kimball And Reality Steve Reveal More Details On Jenna Cooper’s Cheating

Jordan discussed all the reasons why he believes Jenna really did cheat on him.

Reality Steve recently published some bombshell cheating allegations against Jenna Cooper, which basically suggested that Jenna was faking her relationship with Jordan Kimball to help her financially. The proof was given in a form of screenshots of several text messages between Jenna and the other man that she was cheating on Jordan with.

And earlier today, Jordan announced on his Instagram that he’s removing himself from the relationship. Meanwhile, some members of Bachelor Nation wanted to know how Jordan could be so sure that the texts were real, and not falsified. Reality Steve already broke down some of the theories that suggested the texts were fake, but now, Jordan himself took the time to speak on a podcast with Steve to set the record straight.

It turns out that Jenna, although publicly, has denied the texts are real, she hasn’t done the same for Jordan. And when he asked her about the texts, she said some vague things like “You know I say mean things sometimes, but I don’t think I said this.” Jenna also went as far as to say that she would have to check her phone to find out, because maybe she sent the texts when she was drunk.

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Meanwhile, Jordan didn’t make his decision to break up with Jenna solely based on the text messages that were released to the public. Reality Steve shared the seven to eight emails that he exchanged with the unnamed man who claimed that he was done with Jenna because she was two-timing him. But also, the man wanted Jordan to know what she was up to.

In addition to Jenna refusing to deny the allegations privately, Jordan also said repeatedly that her mannerisms in the texts, the way she wrote things out, the emojis she used, they all sounded just like her. And with all of the information that was given to him, his gut feeling was that Jenna really was cheating on him. Kimball simply said, “It’s looking like I got played.”

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Reality Steve also underscored the point that if the allegations really weren’t true, that Jenna ought to have been more passionate about denying the texts were real. But she didn’t do any of that, which made her look even more guilty.

Early today, Jenna released a statement on her Instagram, saying the following.

“I want to start by saying those texts were completely fabricated, and I never sent them to anyone. I did not cheat on Jordan, and I have nothing to hide”

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