Bachelorette Hannah B. Sent a Major "Jerk" Home Last Night Because He Has a Girlfriend

It’s that time of year, folks! It’s time to pour your finest boxed rosé and scream at the TV as Bachelorette Hannah Brown susses out who is there for the right reasons and who is “real” all while praying to God to help her feel smart and saying “roll tide” every few minutes. This season has a lot in store for Bachelor Nation—including a lesson about sex before marriage and how God still loves Hannah even though she’s not married and not a virgin. But before Hannah gets into all that, she actually had to send a guy home last night because he apparently had the nerve to go on the show while he was still dating someone else!

So, after her 30 suitors tried to make their best first impression at the Bachelor mansion, Hannah’s friends from Colton Underwood’s season, Demi Burnett and Katie Morton, told her they had some bad news. Demi said someone on social media told her one of the contestants has a girlfriend at home and that they were still talking in the days leading up to him meeting Hannah. Demi said:

It didn’t take Demi long to realize that the guy this tipster was talking about was Scott, a 28-year-old software sales executive from Chicago. And once Demi told Hannah, it was over for Scott.

Hannah immediately confronted him and said, “I knew you were nervous coming in today. It might be because you have a girlfriend.” Wait, it gets better.

Scott, of course, denied it, but Hannah was basically like, “I have the receipts, roll the tapes, etc. etc.” Scott then kinda admitted it and told her:

Then! Scott mentioned Colton and said:

1) That is not the same thing and 2) How dare you, Scott. You are clearly not here for the right reasons.

After that, Hannah was done. She went off and told him, “You are such a jerk!…I’m done with this! There’s no reason for you to be here if you’re not serious. It’s time for you to head out.”

And that’s the last we heard from Scott.

Until next week, Hannah Hive!

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