Bake Off star Laura Adlington hits out after being told to lose weight over clothes rant

GBBO: Laura Adlington swears after bake goes wrong

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Laura Adlington did not hold back after spotting an Instagram comment about her weight. The Great British Bake Off star hit out in view of her 199,000 followers.

Why have I never thought of that before? Problem solved!

Laura Adlington

The 2020 finalist highlighted the remark online today, after posting about high street clothing.

She complained about major retailers for their plus size fashion decisions in a lengthy post two days ago.

However, it was one reply that irked her the most and she soon responded.

User Bombhsell.Tom told her to shed the pounds, saying it would be simpler and open up more options in the way of clothing.

Their comment read: “It would be a lot easier, and increase your selection choices, to operate a calorie deficit and lose weight.

“Rather than try and change how another person or company goes about their business.”

Laura than issued a sarcastic response to them via her Stories.

“Oh my god, thank you Tom,” she quipped.

“Why have I never thought of that before? Problem solved!”

It came hours after Laura took aim at high street brands over plus size fashion.

“I used to think it was OK I couldn’t shop on the high street, but now I really don’t think it is,” she had stated.

“If smaller brands and even start-ups can do it why can’t major retailers?

“Why is our money not as good as everyone else’s?”

Her words were accompanied by a number of pictures, hitting back at the brands who complain their plus size collections don’t perform well.

The images then read what they were supposedly doing wrong: “Don’t stock larges sizes in their physical store. Offer limited choice and inferior quality.

“Only use standard size models/influencers to promote their clothes.

“Make the clothes in their plus size ranges different to their standard range.

“Don’t do their research to find out what plus size women actually want. Claim to be inclusive but stop at a size 22/24.”

Many took to the comments section of Laura’s post, supporting her message.

Stephanieedeaton told: “Preach! Don’t even get me started on the bridal gown industry.”

Emilyinnesstylist continued: “Absolutely. Couldn’t agree more! Why the plus size ranges have to be different to the standard I will never know!”

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