'Bama Rush Tok' Is a Viral Back-to-School Hit

Last year, if you spent any time on TikTok, your For You page was likely overrun with videos from flaxen-haired sorority girls named Grayson, Brayson and Kaydynn showing off their Shein pastel minidresses and “normal” jewelry in preparation for rush week. It’s once again that time of year where thousands of prospective sorority girls take to TikTok to become momentary viral sensations as part of Bama Rush Tok.

Essentially, Bama Rush Tok consists of countless videos of University of Alabama pledges (known as PNMs, or prospective new members) doing various outfit-of-the-day videos for their week-long rush, activities including philanthropy day (where you go to various sororities and see what charities they support) sisterhood day (where you tour various sororities) and finally Bid Day, where you learn if any have made you an offer. Other videos featured PNMs showing off what’s in their Rush Week bags, or documenting their exhausting social schedules. 

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