All the behind-the-scenes secrets Love Island don’t want you to know…

Lets face it, Love Island has taken over our lives more than we ever thought it would. We wake up thinking about Love Island. We go to sleep thinking about Love Island. We spend the entire day chatting about Love Island. Literally nothing else matters.

And, with all that Love Island chat comes some serious questions that remain unanswered.

Like, why do we rarely see the islanders eat? What are they eating? Who cooks it? What are their phones actually used for? Do they even know what day it is?


Because we’re nice people (and hardcore Love Island fans) we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find out the answers to all of the burning questions. And some of them will shock you…

The islanders don’t know what time or day it is

Our insider revealed there are no clocks in the villa, leaving them totally in the dark about what day or time it is. Can you imagine?!

They get food delivered every day

Former islander Kady McDermott previously revealed that the villa gets a delivery of fresh meals every day (except for breakfast).

‘We would have food cooked for us at dinner, and producers would come to change our mic batteries. That’s why dinner is never filmed or you don’t see anyone eating hot food,’ she said.

There are cameras EVERYWHERE

Even in the toilet! It may seem like their privacy is being invaded, but the producers want to ensure they catch every bit of the action. Remember way back in series 2 when Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon were caught romping in the wardrobe? That’s because there’s nowhere to hide in the villa. ‘There aren’t even any blind spots,’ our mole reveals.

Tanning oil is banned

Despite the islanders having only been in the villa for two weeks, we’re already well jel of their incredible tans.

But, we can reveal that – aside from the islanders that choose to use sun-beds prior to entering the villa – their tans are all real.

‘Tanning oil is banned,’ our source says. ‘The islanders are encouraged to practise safe tanning and suncream is provided in the bucket load.’

Their phones do actually work

‘I’VE GOT A TEXT’ is possibly the most over-used catch-phrase to come out of Love Island. But, we can reveal that it’s not just producers that text the islanders with information on dates, dumping and tasks.

‘The phones aren’t just for show,’ our source explains. ‘The islanders can text each other and take pictures in the villa.’

So how do they stop them from contacting the outside world or accessing the internet? You may be wondering…

‘They’re for texting and selfies only. Everything else is blocked,’ says our mole.

Unlimited condoms are available to the islanders

Another inside secret is that all contestants have to go through STI (sexually transmitted infection) tests before they appear on the show.

With that said, the guys and girls are provided with an unlimited amount of condoms, but it’s up to them whether they use them.

They get given 20 cigarettes a day

The smoking area was banned in this year’s series of Love Island after viewers complained that the habit was being given too much air-time.

A TV insider explained: ‘Producers have provided a designated smoking area outside the villa, much as you would see at a workplace, where Islanders will be able to have a cigarette if they chose to.’

‘The area will be filmed with a camera so this could be broadcast, but the fact that the area will only be used by one person at a time will obviously limit the amount of conversation/action or activity that takes place and therefore subsequently broadcast.’

While it’s unclear if the same rules apply given the harsher smoking rules, in previous years the islanders have been given 20 cigarettes a day.

Alcohol is rationed

As with cigarettes, the amount of alcohol is rationed by producers – presumably to avoid it unravelling into Geordie-Shore-like chaos.

‘They’ll get two drinks a night, three if they’re lucky,’ our mole reveals.

They have staff working round-the-clock

As well as the producers that put the show together overnight, there are other staff working in the villa.

‘The islanders don’t do their own laundry,’ our insider confirms. ‘They’re give laundry bags and then their clothes are returned to them two days later.

‘Staff are also on-hand to clean up the garden after it gets messy during the day. They usually take advantage when the islanders head inside to get ready for the evening.’

Our minds are blown!


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