Bella Hadid Accidentally Shows Off Major Underboob While Out In Paris: See Her Wardrobe Malfunction

Whoa! Bella Hadid gave onlookers a peek at some underboob while happily strolling around Paris on Saturday! See the revealing photo right here.

Everyone’s favorite super model Bella Hadid is currently in Paris, where she accidentally gave passersby a glimpse at some serious underboob while out shopping with friends! The 21-year-old was spied carefully holding up what appears to be leftovers from her lunch, and in the process she pulled up her crop top, leading to the wardrobe malfunction. Frankly, we can’t look away! Only Bella can make a mishap look this sexy!

This new stunning image arrives just hours after another pic surfaced of the svelte looker dining with her ex The Weeknd in Paris, further confirming that their relationship is back on! In the cute photo, Bella is captured looking longingly at the crooner across a table while eating at one of the city’s numerous outdoor cafes. Too cute! It looks like these 2 are totally getting swept up in the romance of Paris!

As we previously reported, Bella and Weeknd (real name: Abel Tesfaye) are both working to put his relationship with Selena Gomez behind them as they rebuild their relationship. “Bella isn’t holding any sort of grudge against Selena — sure there were hurt feelings for a while, but she’s let that all go,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She doesn’t believe in holding on to bad energy. But she doesn’t need or want to be reminded about Selena and The Weeknd‘s time together either, it’s still a sensitive spot for her. She has asked him not to bring her up and they just don’t mention her or discuss her at all. She is uncomfortable thinking about Selena and would prefer to leave her in the past.”

“Abel is trying to move on from Selena too, he scrapped a whole album of songs about her, stuff he wrote when they were together,” they added. “Hearing those songs would have been uncomfortable for Bella and that’s the last thing The Weeknd wants to do. He’s all about doing whatever it takes to make her happy. He let Bella know that played a huge part in him deciding not to release any of those songs. It was a really sweet gesture and Bella appreciated it. But in reality it was the only option because if he wants a real chance with Bella he needs to leave Selena in the past.”

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