Beyonce Fans More Convinced Than Ever That She’s Pregnant As New Evidence Surfaces

Bey, what’re you hiding? — Fans are going wild over rumors that Bey is pregnant with her 4th child after THESE shocking videos from her tour emerged! Fans think she gave this signal that she’s got a bun in the oven…

Another day, another Beyonce pregnancy rumor! Fans are speculating (once again) that the singer, 36, is pregnant after she appeared to “give a signal,” as one fan wrote on Twitter, during her On The Run II Tour in Italy over the weekend. The internet went nuts with Bey baby fever after a fan video from her July 8 concert hit the Twitter-sphere, which appeared to show Bey rubbing her belly with a sly look on her face.

The fan who posted the video said, “Beyonce is really pregnant again… and she’s about to be a mother of 4 WOW”. While there is absolutely zero confirmation that this is true, many have speculated that Bey’s belly rub looked all too familiar. As you may recall, it appears to mirror the belly rub she strategically planned when she revealed that she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, 6, back in 2011 at the MTV VMAs.

Another fan who attended the same show, then tweeted what they had observed. “I watched Beyonce perform in Rome, Italy TODAY. I’m just gonna hottake this right now .. She might be pregnant,” the fan wrote on Twitter. The speculation also grew stronger when another fan video surfaced of Bey performing while apparently sick.

Like we said, Beyonce nor JAY-Z, 48, has addressed or confirmed the pregnancy speculation. And, let us remind you that Bey just gave birth to twins, Rumi and Sir, back in June 2017. Nonetheless, fans have stirred up theory that isn’t too farfetched.

If you’re a big Bey and JAY fan, you’ll know that they’re favorite number is 4. The fan-theory suggests the couple wants 4 children (as they have three right now). Why is that their favorite number? — Well, Bey, Jay, and Bey’s mother were all born on the 4th; Bey and Jay later married on the 4th in 2008; And, Blue has the name “Ivy” because IV is the roman numeral for the number 4. Oh, and, JAY’s most recent album is titled “4:44”.

So, it seems like the perfect equation, right? — BUT, Bey really threw us for a loop when she posted a photo with JAY and an open Corona beer bottle near her feet amidst the pregnancy rumors on July 3. So, it’s still a mystery, folks!

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