Beyoncé Reportedly Drops Lawsuit Over ‘Feyonce’ Merchandise

Beyoncé has reportedly dropped an old trademark lawsuit against a Texas company for selling engagement-centric apparel under the name “Feyonce.”

According to Billboard, a New York federal judge dismissed the case at the singer’s request.

The pop superstar had complained in early 2015 that the items sold by the company under the Feyonce label infringed on her trademark rights and would cause confusion for her fans.

One of the Feyonce items was a mug with the phrase “he put a ring on it,” referencing Beyoncé’s 2008 hit “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).”

A federal judge in October had rejected Beyoncé’s request for a permanent injunction to stop the sale of the items. The judge ordered both sides to discuss trial dates or a possible settlement to the case.

In December, Beyoncé asked the court to dismiss the case, although it is unclear whether the two sides reached a settlement.

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