Beyonce Slams JAY-Z For Allegedly Cheating On New Track — ‘You F***ed Up’ The Marriage

New music! New revelations! Beyonce appears to be calling out JAY-Z for allegedly cheating on her on their new joint album ‘Everything Is Love’! Check out the lyrics right here!

We are still reeling over Beyonce, 36, and JAY-Z, 48, deciding to drop a surprise album Everything Is Love on Saturday, June 16! Now, after looking over the lyrics we’re discovering that Bey actually takes a shot at her fella for allegedly cheating on her! On the track “LoveHappy,” she states, “Yeah, you f**ked up the first stone, we had to get remarried.” That’s when JAY responds, “Y’all know how I met her, we broke up and got back together / To get her back, I had to sweat her.” That definitely sounds like she’s confirming that they had that vow renewal ceremony that fans have been speculating about!

And this isn’t the only time the pair decide to air some grievances to the public with their new record! JAY also took some shots at both the Super Bowl and the Grammys with the album’s single “Apesh*t”! “I said no to the Super Bowl/You need me, I don’t need you/Every night we in the end zone/Tell the NFL we in stadiums too/Last night was a f**king zoo,” raps. “Stage-diving in a pool of people/Ran through Liverpool like a f**king beetle/Smoke gorilla glue like it’s f**king legal/Tell the Grammy’s f**k that 0 for 8 sh*t/Have you ever seen the crowd goin’ apesh*t?”

You gotta hand it to these 2, they know how to get our attention! And their brand-new video for “Apesh*t” is downright mesmerizing! Filmed the Louvre, perhaps the most famous museum in the world, Bey and JAY pose by the Mona Lisa and other timeless works of art amid dancers striking amazing moves in perfect unison! Let’s just admit: the Carters are taking over the world!

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