Billie Eilish Asked to Stop ‘Queerbaiting’ After Declaring ‘I Love Girls’ on Instagram

While some fans are left wondering if the ‘Lost Cause’ singer comes out with the caption of her Instagram post, some others are suspicious of the intention behind her love declaration.

AceShowbiz -As many celebrities have made use of Pride Month to come out and show their support for the LGBTQ+ community, Billie Eilish has been accused of queerbaiting by some people. The singer/songwriter has left her followers second-guessing the meaning of her social media post after she declared her “love” for girls.

On Thursday, June 10, the Grammy Award-winning artist shared on her Instagram page several behind-the-scenes pictures from her “Lost Cause” music video. In the images, she was seen goofing off with the female stars who are featured in her music video. The 19-year-old wrote in the caption, “i love girls,” without giving a further explanation.

Some people have since questioned the motive of Billie’s declaration, with one warning her, “did billie eilish just freaking come out ? istg if this is another case of queerbaiting i’m suing.” Another doubted that it’s a coming out announcement, writing, “If you say you straight after this ISTG.”

A third one echoed the sentiment, “if ur just queer baiting bestie…” Someone else asked her to stop misleading people with her statement, telling her, “Hey can Billie Eilish stop queerbaiting please. She knows what she’s doing.”

Some others, meanwhile, are left wondering if Billie came out with her IG post. “BRO IS SHE SAYING WHAT I THINK SHE’S SAYING,” one commenter wrote, while another asked, “IS THIS YOU COMING OUT?”

Demanding an answer, someone remarked, “not now mommy has to figure out if billie eilish just came out,” while another asked for confirmation, “billie eilish??? is there something you are trying to tell us during this wonderful marvellous month?” Another confused fan wrote, “That caption is sus [suspect] lol.”

This isn’t the first time Billie sparked a speculation that she’s attracted to girls. Back in January, she appeared to get flirty with a female fan on Instagram Live. She sparked a similar chatter again after releasing the “Lost Cause” music video, which sees her throwing a sleepover party with her female friends, on June 2. “Is Billie Eilish bi? Or did I just watch four minutes of queerbaiting done by a straight person,” one suspicious fan reacted to the video.

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