Billie Lourd Reveals She Had a Health Scare While Pregnant with Son Kingston

Billie Lourd is opening up about her secret pregnancy.

The 28-year-old Scream Queens actress totally surprised fans back in September 2020 when she revealed that she and fiance Austen Rydell had welcomed son Kingston, when she never announced she was expecting.

Billie recently took to her Instagram Story to answer questions from fans.

One fan asked Billie what she craved most during her pregnancy.

Billie then revealed that she craved ice cream at first, while also revealing that she had a little health scare during her pregnancy.

“I had a lil gestational diabetes scare,” Billie shared, so she switched from eating ice cream to eating beets.

According to the Mayo Clinic, gestational diabetes, “like other types of diabetes […] affects how your cells use sugar (glucose).” Gestational diabetes leads to high blood sugar that can affect the pregnancy and the baby’s health. Usually, blood sugar levels go back to normal after women give birth.

After giving birth, Billie shared a bunch of photos from from her pregnancy!

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