Billy Bush Will Probably Soon Return To TV On The One Network That Still Likes Him

It’s been over two years since Billy Bush was fired from Today for his smarmy role in Pussygate AKA the scandal that launched a million pink pussy knit hats. Since then the fallen apple of the Bush Dynasty (which is sadly not a delicious Chinese Restaurant) has gotten divorced, helped his daughter through sobriety, and been on a voyage of self-discovery with Tony Robbins. Now he’s ready to end his exile and find a way to weasel his way back onto the small screen. Lucky for Billy, Extra has announced that they are moving from NBC to Fox this autumn, and they are looking for a pro-pussy grabbing host to join the team.

The recent passing of George H.W. Bush must have thawed out the cold hearts of Extra executives, who realized that compared to our current Situation Orange, the Bush Dynasty was not as bad, and maybe little Billy just got caught up in some bad company and needs a second chance. Super lucky for him, the only network worthy of Billy’s talents, which is FOX, of course, will be the new home for Extra and they are keen to give him a job. The Blast says that Billy is already “in talks“:

Sources close to the discussions tell The Blast, Bush recently sat down with multiple executives at “Extra” to discuss the possibility of Bush joining the team as the long-running syndicated newsmagazine prepares to leave NBC and head to FOX.

We’re told Bush was spotted last month leaving a meeting with team members at “Extra” and discussions have since continued. As for Bush’s controversial firing from NBC, we’re told most people working with “Extra” believe he deserves a second chance.

Billy is one of several possible on-air hosts that have been considered for the new launch of “Extra” on Fox.

In the past two years, Bush has worked on bettering his life, including firewalking with Tony Robbins, yoga and meditation. He also regularly boxes and has become an avid reader of self-help books.

I mean, he went FIREWALKING WITH TONY ROBBINS, people. What else will it take to convince you that Billy has turned his life around? He read some books. He did some yoga. Television executives, take this poor man back already!!!

In related news, The Blast also says that Extra may jazz up its entire host line-up:

Sources close to FOX tell The Blast the network has been looking to strengthen their entertainment news lineup with a fresh look, after many of the current programs have become stale and antiquated, and also seen declining ratings.

Look out, Mario Lopez! You in danger, girl! I propose a Billy Bush and AC Slater dance off to crown the King of Extra hosting duties. May the best man win (obviously AC Slater).


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