Bizarre story of the time Roy Keane visited abstract soul nightclub – alone

Roy Keane doesn’t seem like a man who’d like nightclubs.

The footballer turned pundit’s permanently furrowed brow and disdain for just about everything seem at odds with venues designed to stoke euphoria and joy.

Now, legendary DJ Dave Haslam has confirmed that Keane appeared to be just as taken by one of his Manchester club nights as you might have imagined.

Haslam, who performed more than 450 times at the Hacienda in Manchester in the 1980s and 90s, recalled a bizarre encounter with Keane in his new book, Sonic Youth Slept On My Floor.

The Irishman, then a Manchester United player, attended his ‘Yellow’ night.

If anything, the story proves Keane, 46, hasn’t changed too much in 25 years.

Here’s the excerpt, as revealed in the Manchester Evening News .

Roy Keane’s bad night out

A number of footballers came to ‘Yellow’ (Haslam’s night at the Boardwalk); perhaps most surprisingly of all, Roy Keane.

I’m not sure what had led him to come to the club. He never showed a sign of being interested in deep funk, abstract soul or original disco up until then or, indeed, subsequently.

My theory is that he had been keeping himself to himself in the dressing room, but overheard Giggs and Ince talking about a Friday night out at the Boardwalk, and, undeterred by not having a friend to accompany him, decided to explore the club for himself.

We seldom gave footballers or anyone else VIP treatment, which was part of the charm of the Haçienda and the Boardwalk.

It was one of the doormen, Charlie, who alerted me to Roy Keane’s presence in the queue. Charlie, a passionate supporter of Manchester City, spent pre-match hours on the door of the Parkside pub close to Maine Road and he didn’t think Roy needed inviting to the front of the queue.

In fact, let him wait was the general consensus. Roy Keane got in eventually, after paying the £5 admission.

He then queued at the bar behind Chris Eccleston, bought himself a Guinness and took up a spot on the edge of the dancefloor, just watching what was going on, no expression on his face.

Every minute or so he took a sip from his pint. When Jason dropped a great remix of the Bomb the Bass tune ‘Bug Powder Dust’, he didn’t respond, but continued to slowly survey the club in full swing in front of him.

When he finished his drink, he turned, put the empty pint glass on the side of the bar, walked past the Moss Side guys in their massive coats and the Gorton girls belting out the chorus to ‘I’m Every Woman’, went down the stairs, exited the club and never came back.

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