Did Blac Chyna Dump YBN Almighty Jay After Getting Someone Else Pregnant?

Woah! Blac Chyna may have called it quits with YBN Almighty Jay after she found out he was reportedly sneaking around with other women and may have even gotten one pregnant!

YBN Almighty Jay, 18, confirmed his split from Blac Chyna, 30, in an Instagram message on June 19 and now we’re finding out that their break up may have happened because of Jay’s inability to stay faithful! Blac reportedly got fed up with Jay’s sneaky ways and felt disrespected after he allegedly sent direct messages to other women and even hung out with some, according to TMZ. It doesn’t end there either. Some sources even say that Blac has suspicions that he may have gotten one of the women pregnant! Eek!

In addition to Jay’s alleged infidelity, the former couple were reportedly arguing a ton right before the break up so it seems like things weren’t great for a while. With how young Jay is, it’s understandable if he’s not ready to settle down. With the big age difference between him and Blac, it’s not surprising that there were issues with the relationship’s future. After all, Blac is the mother of two children and she seems to already be having separate issues with the baby daddies, Tyga and Rob Kardashian.

Blac put those issues on public display when she took to Instagram on Father’s Day to post a message about Tyga and Rob supposedly not paying child support. Blac’s known for being open about the drama in her life (remember the Twitter feud between her and Rob?!) but it’s not always a good thing and sometimes leads to more drama! Whether Jay was unfaithful or not, it’s probably best the two have now gone their separate ways as they didn’t seem like the right fit. We hope they can move on from here and find whatever it is they’re looking for!

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