Blac Chyna Fans Accuse Her Of Bleaching Her Skin In Social Media Attack — ‘She’s White Chyna’

In the midst of her pregnancy rumors, Blac Chyna’s fans have accused her of bleaching her skin, blowing up social media with scathing comments!

Blac Chyna just can’t catch a break. The mother of 2, who is possibly pregnant with her third child, is being accused of bleaching her skin white on social media, and her fans are not thrilled. The snap in question was a close-up video of Blac’s dagger-like manicure, with a metallic polish. The zoomed in view of her hands set off serious outrage about her potentially lightened skin tone. “She bleaching her skin DAM!!!” one user wrote, while another pointed to the evidence — “Her knuckles are showing it all. This girl is over-bleaching. Omg!” Others were sad to see that Chy may be trying to make herself lighter, with one commenter writing, “Smh embrace your skin color girl. Caramel is beautiful, no need for bleaching.”

This isn’t the first time Rob Kardashian‘s ex has been accused of bleaching her skin. reported back in October 2017 that Blac was beginning to undergo skin bleaching treatments to look more “mainstream.” In March 2018, Blac posted a selfie, in which she looked eerily similar to Kylie Jenner, and her followers were quick to ask about her lighter skin tone, then, as well. When looking back at old, bare-faced photos of Blac, the accusations aren’t too far off, and it’s well-know that the former stripped has gone under the knife before, so it could just be a side-effect of better make-up and injections that have come with her fame.

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Recall, when Rob and Chy went through their very public beef, the Kardashian revealed his ex had over $100K of work done after the birth of her daughter Dream, and he even paid for it. While Chy, herself, has remained tight-lipped about her alleged cosmetic procedures, her fans are always fast to speculate!

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