Black Mirror star Will Poulter was blindsided by fan in urinals

Will Poulter, 30, has quickly become a household name over the last few years with iconic starring roles in We’re The Millers, Dopesick and The Maze Runner but for all the characters he has portrayed, he’s most often recognised for one he had nothing to do with.

In 1995, Pixar’s Toy Story was released, marking the start of a lengthy and beloved film series, featuring the villainous neighbourhood troublemaker Sid.

At the time, Will was just two-years-old but that hasn’t stopped fans from wholeheartedly believing he portrayed the animated character because they look similar.

Speaking to GQ, Will revealed that just this month he had an awkward fan encounter: “A guy at a urinal in LA last week turned to me and said; ‘You’re in Toy Story, right?’

“I was like; ‘Well, that was animated.’ I don’t want to be rude. I also appreciate there’s a meme going around of me.”

Will admitted he didn’t “help my case” by dressing up as Sid for Halloween in 2017, albeit it was for a good cause as the actor used his platform, and meme-fame, to promote Bullying Prevention Month and Anti-Bullying Week.

However, the actor isn’t always able to take the quick quips about his looks in such good humour.

He shared: “Someone in the pub two days ago said: ‘Oh, you’ve had a glow up. Congrats.’ It’s a little bit hard to not accept that as: ‘You were ugly for the best part of your life, and now things are looking up a bit!’.”

The Revenant star entered the industry as a teenager, meaning without question his looks and style would change as he grew into the career, but Will admitted he’s had an advantage over his female costars who he’s grown into adulthood alongside.

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He added: “For the last few years, virtually every day, someone takes a photo without asking, which is uncomfortable.

“To a large degree, male privilege has protected me from that kind of objectification and the idea that up until now really I’ve been able to go about my job and not have my physical appearance be something of a subject matter.”

Although, this didn’t make the online discourse over his looks any less “weird” for the Hollywood star, but he says he’s comfortable in the knowledge “that I’m not conventionally attractive”.

The actor blasted that the real issue may be social media as it has “created this problematic idea that everyone’s opinion on everything matters equally”.

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