Black-owned businesses to support on Amazon, including beauty, pets and jewelry

Here are some black-owned businesses you can support on Amazon. Some I found on my own and some I found through this list of black-owned cosmetics brands, and articles on ET Online and Boogie The Pug. Please let me know if you know any other companies on Amazon we should feature in future posts.

An anti-inflammatory calming oil that can make your sick pet comfortable

Homescape Pets has CBD and hemp pet products to help alleviate pain and anxiety in elderly pets. It was started by a pet-loving couple who sought holistic treatments for their miniature schnauzer suffering from cancer. This anti-inflammatory calming oil for your pet is all natural and has both turmeric and hemp. It has 4.2 stars, 86 ratings and a B on Fakespot. People say it helped their sickly animals regain their appetite and pep, that it seems to relax them and that it really works for both cats and dogs. Pet owners also like their restful pet formula with hemp oil, chamomile and valerian. That one has 3.8 stars, 50 ratings and a B on Fakespot.

Fermented rice water for thicker, longer hair

Uhuru Naturals has natural and well-reviewed haircare products. I’m especially interested in their Chebe fermented rice water. They write that “Chebe is the hair care secret of an African Ethnic group in Chad known to have very long, naturally coarse hair that famously goes past their rear ends.” This is supposed to detangle, protect and help hair of all types grow. This has 4 stars, over 50 ratings and an A on Fakespot. Women write that “my hair has never grown this fast before,” that they have “seen less shedding” and “love the results.” I think I need this. My hair is so long now that I look like Janice from the Muppets, but it’s been breaking more.

Adorable keychains and earrings that look like tiny food

SK started making tiny food for her niece’s dolls and realized that she had a passion for it. She makes keychains like this tiny taco and avocado, adorable stud earrings that look like Pop Tarts, lemons and pizza, and drop earrings that look like Swedish fish and challah bread. Reviews say the tiny food is super cute and that they get compliments on the earrings. These would also make great gifts. Look at these sparkly donut earrings and these peanut butter and jelly earrings!

Mint and almond oil for healthy hair and scalp

This moisturizing mint and almond hair oil by Mielle Organics has 4.3 stars, over 200 ratings and an A on Fakespot. Women write that it “smells amazing,” instantly moisturizes “without being sticky or overly oily,” that it “feels so amazing on my scalp and does not weigh my hair down!” and that “a little goes a long way.” Some reviewers say the oil was leaking when they received the product, but several people were able to notify Amazon and get it reshipped.

Gentle micellar water with apple and banana

I’ve been using Simple micellar water and I notice that it gets more dirt after I’ve washed with a gentle cleanser without drying like a typical toner. This micellar water by Urban Hydration has 4 ratings and 5 stars. It’s said to be “super hydrating” with a great smell and to be gentle and non-irritating. This has 4 ratings, all with with 5 stars.

A clarifying skin cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin

This skin clarifying cleanser by Bolden is formulated for women of color and for women with oily and acne-prone skin. It’s paraben and sulfate free and is said to “unclog pores and prevent breakouts.” This has 36 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. Users say that it “feels wonderful after washing and does not dry skin out,” “my skin is looking amazing, the best it ever has,” and call it “rejuvenating.” This is said to be perfumey so if you’re sensitive to smells you may want to skip it.

Full all-day coverage stick foundation

This stick foundation from Black Opal comes in 20 shades. It can be used for all over coverage and as a highlighter and contour stick. The foundation may be best suited for normal to dry skin, but women with oily skin say that they just add powder after and it looks great. It’s under $12 and has 4.5 stars over 1,000 ratings and a A on Fakespot. Reviewers write that “the formula is creamy and light,” “buildable,” “gives me a great natural color, and the makeup lasts all day.”

Wool dryer balls are effective, chemical-free replacements for dryer sheets

I’m chemically sensitive and don’t use even fragrance free dryer sheets, but I have those little hedgehog plastic things that work ok when I remember to put them in the dryer. These colorful dryer balls are made in Maine with local wool. The company was started by Cyndi Prince, who wanted an alternative to toxic dryer sheets and noticed that other wool dryer balls worked great but quickly fell apart. These have 52 ratings, 4.2 stars and a C on Fakespot. You get three colorful balls for $30. Users say “these have cut my drying time in half and significantly reduced the lint collected,” “my clothes and towels feel light and airy again,” and “I have had these for a few years now. They are great!”

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