Blue Ivy Just Wants Her Grandmother, Tina Knowles Lawson, To Follow The Rules

Tina Knowles Lawson is in Paris living her best life, and she’s enjoying it all with those she loves most.

While Miss Tina and her hubby Richard Lawson dine, shop, and two-step across the City of Lights, she had a little time to take in the ballet with her grandbaby, Blue Ivy.

During a recent trip to a Parisian theatre, Miss Tina was so impressed by the design, she couldn’t help but share the moment with her Instagram followers.

“I’m in Paris, France, and I’m at the most beautiful theatre about to look at the ballet,” Miss Tina said, panning around the room to let fans see the opulent decor. There was just one problem, she wasn’t supposed to be recording inside…and Blue Ivy let her know.

When you are trying to sneak a video ?

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“You’re not supposed to take videos, Grandma!” Blue Ivy said, her little voice calm and confident. “You’re not supposed to!”

The too-cute moment reminded fans of the time Blue put the kibosh on her parents’ polite applause at the Grammys back in January.

It’s clear that Jay-Z and Beyonce are raising their daughter to do the right thing and speak her mind, even in their presence. And with two little siblings watching her every move, it looks like Blue Ivy will be taking her big sister role very seriously.

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