Brad Pitt wants to know if he's a better astronaut than George Clooney

Playing an astronaut in film Ad Astra seems to have given Brad Pitt free reign of Nasa, after the actor took over Cape Canaveral this week.

The famous face took his star power to the skies as he chatted with an actual astronaut who was beamed live from the International Space Station on Monday.

And it’s a glorious conversation to behold.

As Brad spoke with Nick Hague, who was just floating up in space for our own pleasure this week, we’re not sure who was more starstruck as Brad took to the mic with some important questions.

He might play a convincing astronaut to moviegoers, however he had a burning question for the actual starman.

Who was more believable up there in space – George Clooney, or Brad Pitt?

These are the questions, people.

George starred alongside Sandra Bullock in 2013’s Gravity, but to Hague he answered Brad was the better astronaut, ‘absolutely’.

Brad was the quizzical type, as he wore his famous flat cap and spoke into space.

The Oscar-winner asked multiple questions that centered around how astronauts keep their body clocks consistent, the makeup of living quarters on the International Space Station, the psychological aspects of being isolated from humanity in outer space, and what repercussions the body experiences from being in a zero-G environment for an extended period of time.

But he also wanted to know if he was a convincing starman.

‘How’d we do?’ Brad asked from Washington. ‘How was our zero-G?’

Hague, who is six months into his mission, was more than impressed, as he replied: ‘I got to tell you, it was really good.

‘The depictions, the settings all as you can tell look very similar to the type of setting I’ve got around me. I got to imagine it was a lot easier for me to kind of enjoy the zero-G than it was you.’

He then flipped for Brad, and it was awesome.

The pair spoke for nearly 20 minutes, as Brad said before the line was cut: ‘I can’t wait to brag to my kids.’

Ad Astra is in UK cinemas Friday.

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