Brendan O’Carroll sets record straight on ‘row’ with Mrs Brown’s Boys co-star after exit

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Mrs Brown’s Boy creator and actor Brendan O’Carroll, 65, has said Gary Hollywood, 41, who played Dino Doyle on the BBC One show, left due to his circumstances changing and moving to Spain. He addressed his co-star’s exit following claims they fell out over money. Gary and Damien McKiernan are said to have left the show earlier this year ahead of its annual Christmas special.

Addressing Gary’s exit, Brendan said: “Some people claimed Gary left because of a row over money but it wasn’t true.

“They didn’t know the full story and it was amicable.”

Brendan, who stars as Agnes Brown on the show, went on to say he had been trolled on social media over their alleged fallout.

“I got a lot of abuse over it on social media but I let it go over my head,” he told Dublin Live.

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The comedian insisted there is no bad blood between the pair, describing Gary as a “fabulous act” who he had known for over 20 years.

“He decided he wanted to follow his own star and we are delighted for him,” he added.

Back in October, reports claimed Gary and his on-screen boyfriend Damien quit the show after learning they earn less than the rest of the cast.

A source said: “Gary and Damien were confused and hurt when they realised they were getting paid less than the others.

“When they raised the issue it did not go down very well.

“Gary was later told he would only be appearing in one of this year’s Christmas specials.

“That was the last straw, so he told them he was quitting.” contacted a representative from the BBC for comment at the time.


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A representative for Gary has also been approached for comment.

Brendan spoke out about the pair’s alleged fallout ahead of the show’s Christmas Special, which airs later this month.

The popular BBC show first came to screens in 2011 and includes many of Brendan’s family members including his wife Jenny Gibney.

In an exclusive interview with earlier this year, the actor discussed what it was like working with his family.

The comedian joked he is “always right” as he shared the “two rules” his family abide by on set.

“Rule one is Brendan is always right and rule two is when Brendan is wrong, refer to rule one,” he laughed.

He went on to say that the cast “very much place their trust in me and its much appreciated”.

But, Brendan admitted his family will call him out about an idea if need be.

“They’re not afraid to go, ‘Listen I don’t know if this will work dad’ and I’ll have a look at it again, but if I think it will, then we carry on with it,” he divulged.

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