Brian Austin Green Finally ‘Trying To Date’ Again Weeks After Megan Fox Files For Divorce!

Brian Austin Green has officially run out of f**ks to give about his defunct relationship with Megan Fox.

A source close to the Beverly Hills, 90210 actor told HollywoodLife that the 47-year-old is “really moving on now that the divorce has been filed” by the Jennifer’s Body star, six months after the pair announced their split.

While BAG was initially holding out hope for a reconciliation, it appears the star has now come to terms with their breakup. The source added:

“He’s really doing his best to move forward with his life, and he’s accepted that the relationship is completely over, as he knows it’s for the best.”

Good to hear, since Megan has clearly already moved on to a new romance with Machine Gun Kelly.

Then again, Brian has had his share of romances, too. The El Lay native has been linked with Tina Louise, Jennifer Flynn, and even Courtney Stodden in the months since his breakup. And while none of those relationships worked out, BAG isn’t giving up in his search for love. The insider added:

“ is trying to date right now and is open to a new relationship. He loves a cool, surfer girl since he lives in Malibu. He’s not on the hunt, but he’s open to moving on.”

Unfortunately, it sounds like there are still issues between the exes — specifically, co-parenting issues. While The Masked Singer contestant is open to joint custody of his and Megan’s three kids – Noah, 8, Bodhi, 6, and Journey, 4 — the former couple apparently don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to co-parenting or their finances.

The source explained:

“ thinks the dynamic isn’t there when it comes to co-parenting the way he wants, and he’s going to fight for what he thinks is right, and that’s shared custody.”

The confidant added that Brian checked the box for “spousal or domestic partner support,” indicating that this would be paid to both him and Megan, while the actress requested to “terminate” the possibility for her or Brian to receive spousal support in her filings. Oop!

Meanwhile, the actor has been enjoying spending lots of quality quarantine time with his three sons (when they’re in his custody, that is). BAG recently opened up to ET about his life in lockdown with the kiddos, telling the outlet that working hard to make sure the pandemic doesn’t keep his kids from learning and developing crucial social skills.

He shared:

“We have a pod of like six other kids, because our 8-year-old, he just wasn’t into the remote learning at all. Sitting in front of a computer and doing that, that just wasn’t his thing… I think some kids need the socialization. Like, they really need to be with other kids.”

Green has also used the down time to make his home more self sustainable. He explained:

“I built a chicken coop over the summer. And now I’m currently building a vegetable garden. , ‘We’re forced to eat at home more, so let me figure out a way of making that a cooler experience for the kids.’”

Sure enough, Brian’s kids have taken a liking to this new way of life. He continued:

“The kids are way more excited about eating it than going to a grocery store and buying fruits and vegetables and all of that. Like picking fruits off of trees or bushes, their involvement is what keeps them excited about eating it.”

Sure sounds like BAG has got his hands full — even if his love life might be pending at the moment!

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