Bridgerton’s Golda Rosheuvel Reveals That Because of Her Dresses It Took Her A Half Hour To Do This On Set

Golda Rosheuvel is opening up about the wardrobe on the set of Bridgerton, in particular, the dresses and wigs she had to wear as the regal Queen Charlotte.

Speaking on Netflix’s “The After Party”, the 49-year-old actress says that because of the over the top costumes she wore on the set, it took her a lot longer to go to the bathroom than normal.

“Peeing is quite difficult, yes,” Golda shared. “It takes about half an hour to go to the toilet.”

Golda went on, adding that on top of the simple tasks that took longer than expected, the wigs she wore almost burned her scalp.

“At about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, your head starts steaming and it’s very hot under there and you can’t wait to get that s— off,” she shared.

Golda recalled one of her most memorable wigs – the orange afro – which almost burnt her scalp and to cool down, she stuck “four or five” of her hairstylist’s metal combs into the wig to cool down her skin.

“I was like, ‘It’s burning, it’s burning!’ And then I just grabbed this thing off of Adam [James Phillips] and then I just pushed it in,” she recalled. “Because it’s made of metal, it’s cold. So I was like, ‘Get me one of those!’”

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