Britney Spears Thinks Mom Is 'Only Looking Out For Herself'

Britney Spears‘ mother says she’s becoming involved in her daughter’s conservatorship because she’s in “danger,”but the star thinks Lynne Spears is just looking out for herself, a source exclusively told

The 37-year-old singer and mom of two, who was just released from a mental health facility, thinks “Lynne isn’t looking out for her best interests,” the source explained. “She believes Lynne is looking out for herself.”

On Monday, May 6, an attorney for Lynne filed a Request for Special Notice with Los Angeles Superior Court, asking to be informed about everything regarding Britney’s upcoming May 10 conservatorship hearing.

While Britney was in treatment, fans started the hashtag #FreeBritney, accusing her ailing father and conservator of her estate, Jamie, 66, of keeping her in a facility against her will. (Britney has denied all the rumors.)

Shockingly, Lynne “liked” several of the posts on Instagram, which fans saw as a dig at her ex-husband.

Britney saw the move as trashing her father — and wasn’t happy about it, the source said.

On May 10, More will be revealed about Britney’s conservatorship, which a source said the star wants to finally end after over ten years.

However, as Radar reported, her friends and family don’t believe she’s ready to go out on her own.

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