Brooklyn Michelle Debuts ‘Come Here’ Music Video & Shares 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

You may not know who Brooklyn Michelle is yet, but you’re going to want to keep her on your radar!

The Texan musician is on the rise, and we are so excited to be exclusively premiering her music video for her just released new song “Come Here.”

“I was inspired to write this track five years ago when I was having a little secret fling with someone I probably shouldn’t have,” Brooklyn told JJJ.

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“I’m not sure if the song gives off this vibe or not, but after a few listens, you may pick up on the fact that it’s actually about lying to yourself to make yourself feel better about a bad situation – which is why the love interest never actually shows up in the music video,” she added. “Though I have no regrets, as we all need to learn our lessons, and I got a super cool song and video out of it.”

In addition, we thought it would be great to get to know more about the singer and asked her to share 10 Fun Facts with us!

Check out Brooklyn Michelle‘s new “Come Here” music video below, and keep reading to learn some fun facts about her…

See 10 Fun Facts about Brooklyn Michelle below…

  • 1. My favorite TV show is Community.
  • 2. My favorite movie is Donnie Darko.
  • 3. Later in life, I will have 2 English bulldogs, but my favorite animal is an orangutan. I consider them the bulldogs of the rainforest.
  • 4. My favorite color is blue. Specifically #4400ff.
  • 5. I love Jason Bateman. My followers picked up on this and sent me enough Jason Bateman merch for a shrine, including cardboard cut-out and religious candles.
  • 6. My Gamertag is PotatoSaladYumm
  • 7. I have an exquisite Yoshi impression.
  • 8. I can’t go a day without drinking a coke.
  • 9. I have one fear and one fear only. Scorpions.
  • 10. I had an African Grey parrot growing up. Some things he repeated were our voicemail, the Kardashians whistle theme song, my very loud scream, and a lot of bad words.

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