Brothers Osborne Drop ‘Shoot Me Straight’ Video

Brothers Osborne have dropped the new music video for the track “Shoot Me Straight,” which pokes fun at President Donald Trump.

“Shoot Me Straight” is the lead single from the album Port Saint Joe, named after the Florida beach town where the recording took place.

Port Saint Joe is the second album from Brothers Osborne, which released back in April.

The music video, directed by Wes Edwards and Ryan Silver, features artists, surrounded by scantly clad sporting women, performing in fields and around trucks.

The band will launch a headlining tour this Sunday.

“Don’t give me that look, that let me down easy smile
Don’t act like I couldn’t see you coming for a hundred miles
Don’t try to find the perfect words
Can’t take the pain out of the hurt
Hit me hard, baby I can take it
It’s your move, go on and make it,” they sing on the track.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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