BTOB’s Sungjae Is Reportedly Dating DIA’s Jueun, Agencies Respond

The two K-pop stars are said to have been in a relationship since January this year after meeting at a gathering with acquaintances.

Are BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae and DIA‘s Jueun the next idol couple to have been revealed? Reports emerged on Monday, August 13 that the two stars have been dating since January this year and have been going on dates in between their busy schedules.

According to the reports, the two idols, who are both 23 years old, met at a gathering with friends and quickly developed feelings for each other. A source revealed, “The two current idols enjoy dates in their spare time while fulfilling their busy schedules.” The source added, “Although they are cautious of their surroundings in ways like being accompanied by acquaintances, they have not been hiding their affection for each other.”

But the dating reports have been debunked by the stars’ agencies. Not long after the news broke, Cube Entertainment which represents Sungjae and his group BTOB said in a statement, “We checked with him, and it is true that they were at a gathering with acquaintances, but they are not dating.”

Jueun’s agency MBK Entertainment also denied the reports, stating, “It is not true that she is dating Yook Sungjae. It is true that they were recently at a gathering with acquaintances, but we have checked [with her] and found out that they are not close.”

Many K-pop fans are also laughing at the dating reports and think that it’s just a media play. “Can media stop doing like this to get pay attention ? Just do proper promotion OK! Don’t mess it !” one commented on the news.

“Lol ‘they are not even close’ – I guess someone or somebody must be against Cube as it seems one after another of their artist / staff is making news within weeks! Hope whatever is brewing in Cube get sorted soon!” another responded, referring to HyunA and E’Dawn‘s confirmed dating reports. Both HyunA and E’Dawn are also represented by Cube Entertainment.

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