BTS Performs Mashup Of Hit Songs At 2018 Melon Music Awards & Fans Freak: ‘Best Performance Ever’

BTS brought down the house at the 2018 Melon Music Awards, and fortunately for you, we have their full performance here!

The boys of BTS took the stage inside the Gocheok Sky Dome in South Korea for the 2018 Melon Music Awards on Dec. 1, and it may have been their “best performance ever.” At least, that’s what the band’s fans have been saying after watching all seven members — V, Jin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, RM, and Jimin — perform a major mashup of their hit songs, including “Fake Love”, “Airplane Pt. 2”, and “Idol”. Not only did one fan say, “OH MY GOD THAT WAS BTS’ BEST PERFORMANCE EVER IDOL SLAPPED SO HARD,” but another added, “I have a new favourite stage performance to watch every night before sleep.” Clearly, BTS impressed everyone who watched.

Another fan took to Twitter to express how much they love BTS after watching the performance, while explaining, “I just feel so confident and powerful after watching their performances.” Then, someone else tweeted, “BTS literally became the pride of Korea with that MMA performance.” And one fan felt as we did, when they said, “Wow ok so i just caught myself up on the performance n red carpet and just…bts is THAT B**** HOLY S***. i felt slapped in the face by the power and beauty and talent they radiated last night hhhhh i love them.”

Want to check out BTS’ 2018 Melon Music Awards performance for yourself? Watch the 20-minute video above! And yes, their performance really was TWENTY minutes. You’re welcome.

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