Bucks Fizz star Jay Aston calls mouth cancer op ordeal "toughest 10 days ever"

Brave Bucks Fizz star Jay Aston has left hospital after her mouth cancer op, saying: “It’s been my toughest 10 days ever.”

But the 57-year-old singer had a positive note for fans, insisting: “The surgery and my recovery has gone well.”

Jay had to have a second section of her tongue removed, to be replaced with flesh that was taken from her thigh.

She said: “Dealing with the pain has been the hardest. I’ve also been running a temperature. But today is D-Day, I’m going home.

“I have a large scar on my leg and neck, plus a new half of my tongue attached.

“My tongue’s still very swollen but I can close my mouth. I don’t think anything can prepare you totally.

“Recovery will be slow, but I know the worst is behind me. I’ve had amazing support from family, friends and fans.”

Jay said her surgeons Luke Cascarini and Alistair Fry had been “amazing”, and praised “all the doctors and nurses who have watched me 24/7.”

She added: “I’m hoping to help them bring awareness as they’re seeing a rise in cases.”

Jay is still to learn if the op will end her career.

She has already recorded vocals for a Christmas album from the band, now called The Fizz.

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