Buzz Aldrin’s manager says biz associates want to drive wedge between him and kids

Buzz Aldrin’s business manager Christina Korp is firing back at accusations that she exploited the astronaut, telling Page Six that she’s only under attack because Aldrin is being manipulated by associates — whom she claims are trying “to drive a wedge between Buzz and his children, and me, for what I fear is their own benefit.”

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Col. Aldrin was shocked when his two adult children, Andrew and Janice, asked a court to appoint them as his guardians, claiming he was in “cognitive decline” and associating with people who appeared to be manipulating him.

Aldrin has responded with his own suit, filed in Brevard County Circuit Court, accusing Andrew and Korp of elder exploitation, unjust enrichment and converting his property for themselves, reports the paper.

The suit also accuses Andrew and Korp of improperly using his credit cards, assuming control of his memorabilia, slandering him by saying he has dementia, and sabotaging romantic relationships.

But in a statement Korp told us, “I am being unfairly defamed by the managers of the newly formed Buzz Aldrin Ventures and its legal counsel. Unfortunately, almost a year ago, some people began to exert undue influence on Buzz,” adding, “These individuals began to actively try to drive a wedge between Buzz and his children, and me, for what I fear is their own benefit.”

Korp said that the new companies were very recently started by this new team, “under the guise of benefitting Buzz.”

She said that she has “never acted on Buzz’s behalf without his full knowledge, support, and cooperation. . . I have had to be the gate keeper to many people who have tried to take advantage of Buzz’s good nature and insert themselves into his life for their own benefit.”

Aldrin’s lawyer Robert Bauer told us, “Buzz Aldrin is in control of everything. No one is controlling Buzz.”

Korp was fired May 18 by Aldrin but was told he needed a majority vote from the Buzz Aldrin Foundation board to oust her.

Aldrin will undergo a mental health competency test this week. Daughter Janice is accused in Aldrin’s suit of conspiracy and breach of fiduciary duty.

The Buzz Aldrin Foundation and Buzz Aldrin Ventures did not immediately get back to us.

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