Camila Cabello Wore a String Bikini That Can Be Tied 9 Ways

While the rest of us are praying for literally ANY WEATHER that doesn’t require a down jacket, Camila Cabello is out here living life like it’s summer. By which I mean she captioned this bikini selfie on Insta: “To me, it’s summer.”

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~shivers uncontrollably in New York City~

So yeah, while not all of us are in bikini ready weather at the moment, we can definitely steal Camila’s look to prepare for summer because it’s actually pretty affordable—at least for celebrity fashion. According to fan account @camc.closet who found this suit in record time, Camila is wearing the Sam top and bottom in Persia from Four Three Seven. And the top can be tied nine different ways, so honestly you basically get nine bikinis for the price of one.

Before we go, while she’s not busy living her best summer-in-winter life, Camila has been celebrating the release of her new single “Bam Bam,” which has been absolutely smashing it on the charts. She recently explained the song’s meaning to James Corden during an appearance on The Late Late Show, saying “It’s something that my mom has always said to me. It’s about the cycles of falling in love, falling out of love; life has its up and downs. You got to roll with the punches, you got to keep dancing.”

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