Can You Spot The Real Kim Kardashian? Fans Struggle Over A Collage Of Images, Some Of Which Are Lookalikes

These images that look like Kim Kardashian might fool even the most loyal of fans.

How much are you a fan of the Kardashians? Do you think you could spot the real Kim over a lookalike every single time? Well, it turns out it might be harder than you think after a collage of images showing real and fake Kim Kardashians are stumping even the most loyal of fans.

According to The Daily Dot, a new collage of images featuring Kim Kardashian West is stumping fans over which images are real and which belong to lookalikes.

The image in question was posted by the Instagram account, Celebface. Usually, this account likes to post images of celebrities before and after they have been Photoshopped in order to draw attention to how vastly different celebrities can look in real life and without the help of digital alteration. However, the Instagram account recently decided to shake things up a little, in order to show fans that sometimes celebrities don’t look anything like what their public image usually portrays.

The collage, which was posted on November 6, shows nine images. Of these, only three are reported to actually be images of the real Kim Kardashian West, according to the Daily Mail. The other six images are of people who merely look like Kim.

So, can you spot the real Kim Kardashian?

For those that think images numbered three, four, seven, and eight looks the most like Kim Kardashian, think again. These images belong to a Dubai lookalike. Sonya Ali is a beauty blogger who bears an uncanny resemblance to the reality star. According to the Daily Mail, Sonya first came to fame posing for her sister’s beauty tutorials. She regularly posts images where fans have compared her to Kim and claim they can’t tell the pair apart. In fact, her sister, Fyza Ali, has also been described as looking remarkably like Kim Kardashian.

As for image two, that isn’t Kim either. Mony Monn is a model who allegedly appeared with Kanye West in a rumored sex tape in 2012, according to the Daily Mail.

Image number nine belongs to Kamilla Osman, an influencer who reportedly was ” linked to rapper Tyga after his split from her sister Kylie Jenner.” So, once again, it’s a Kim lookalike.

That leaves images one, five, and six. These images, admittedly, look the least like Kim Kardashian out of the nine in total. However, these images are the only true images of Kim in the collage, according to the Daily Mail.

Image one shows an image of Kim from 2011 when she donned some old-world sultry charm for a photo shoot. Image five is a photo taken from the time when she starred in a music video in 2011. The final image, number six, might have thrown you off, thanks to the blue eyes. However, Kim is actually wearing colored contacts in this image.

As proven above, sometimes celebrities don’t even look like themselves when posing for pictures.

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