Cara De La Hoyde SLAMS trolls who mocked her for looking ’pregnant’

She said: ‘Thanks to all the women that have commented I’m pregnant in my latest pic.

‘I’m not I’m trying to lose weight, but thanks for making me feel like [poo emoji].

‘Hope you all have a great bank holiday’.

She then added: ‘And then you’re surprised when people have depression, anxiety and eating disorders [thumbs down emoji]’.

Cara’s followers were quick to defend her and hit back at the ‘pregnant’ comments.

One wrote: ‘How vile are people far from looking pregnant you look lovely not all women get flat stomachs after babies not matter how hard you try xx.’

Another said: ‘Cara! You r so beautiful.. body shamers aren’t welcome here… you don’t deserve it’.

A third added: ‘I don’t think you look pregnant at all @cara_delahoyde. You definitely don’t need to lose weight either! You are healthy, you have a beautiful baby and that’s all that matters – don’t worry about what anybody else thinks’.

Cara previously revealed how having son Freddie-George has helped her to overcome mental health issues.

Speaking on Talk Radio, Cara admitted that becoming a mum has made her more relaxed and has also had a positive effect on her relationship with Nathan, who she briefly split from just before announcing her pregnancy last year.

‘We’re just much more of a team now,’ she said. ‘So we help each other out and just other things, I’m such a calmer person.

‘Like before I’d be all over the place and I said before I have suffered from depression, bi-polar and anxiety and I don’t know what has happened but it is like just sorted everything out.

‘Because there’s someone there that’s more important than me.’

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