Cardi B Looking to Lock Down Rights to Her Own Beauty Line

Cardi B seems to be looking to break into the beauty biz — and it looks like she wants to keep her B-branding at the forefront of her new venture.

The rapper’s company, Washpoppin Inc., just filed legal docs to lock down the rights to the phrase “Bardi Beauty” — which she apparently wants to slap onto a ton of different merch that screams of the fabulous life.

According to the trademark docs, Cardi is apparently aiming to hawk a bunch of glam products — including stuff like cosmetics, fragrances, haircare, skincare, nail polish, nail enamel … pretty much the works when it comes to a beauty line.

Here’s another interesting thing … the docs actually include Cardi’s signature — with her real name, of course — Belcalis Almanzar — as the CEO of Washpoppin. Take a gander at that beauty … it definitely has all the volume and flair you’d expect from CB.

It’s wild to think Cardi hasn’t already gone the Kardashian-Jenner route to roll out her own line. She’s been serving up fashionable looks (both wardrobe and makeup-wise) … and has even teamed up with different companies, like Fashion Nova, for signature collections and curated items, but doesn’t appear to have offered up one that’s uniquely her own just yet.

Better late than never, though, we suppose. If all goes to plan, Bardi Beauty could be coming to a retail store near you.

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