Cardi B Sends Scathing Warning To Offset In Now-Deleted Post: You’re Not Married To An ‘Average B***h’

Cardi B took to Instagram this weekend to post a few harsh cryptic messages that seemed to be directed toward hubby Offset before quickly deleting them. Is there trouble on the horizon for the parents-to-be?

Cardi B, 25, seemed to hint at some trouble between her and hubby Offset, 26, when she took to her Instagram story over the weekend to post some very shady and interesting messages. “I told you you wasn’t marry to no average b***h now you going to find out,” one message read. “DONT HURT YOURSELF,” read another. “It’s all fun and games till I give birth,” the final one read. The pregnant singer quickly deleted the messages after posting them but they were captured by the Jasmine BRAND, and it has us seriously wondering if there’s some beef going on between her and the Migos rapper. Since they’r about to welcome their bundle of joy any day now, we definitely hope it’s only a misunderstanding that’s been worked out! Cardi also later posted a denial tweet as a response to a claim that suggested Offset may have been cheating again. “not every relationship problem is cheating …People are so weird,” the tweet said.

Cardi’s known for speaking her mind even when it may not be received well by the public but the deletion of messages proves she either clearly changed her mind about sharing the issue or the beef was squashed. Cardi could have also been referring to something else entirely but like with anything she says, it’s definitely keeping us guessing. Let’s face it, the talented star knows how to keep a secret. Her marriage to Offset was one of the big ones so we’re not sure what she has up her sleeve!

While we wait and see if we get any kind of hint about what may be going on, we have to admit that it’s pretty surprising to think there may be some tension going on between the couple. They recently looked very much in love during Cardi’s baby shower on June 26. The gorgeous mom-to-be looked radiant and happy while she sat on Offset’s lap and posed for pics. No matter what may be going on, let’s just hope their alleged marital problems are something that can be settled and all will be well in time for the baby to arrive!

Uh oh. A message from #CardiB. She later deleted it. ? ***SWIPE***

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We can’t wait to see Cardi and Offset in the roles of parents. It’s sure to be a memorable journey for both of them!

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