Cardi B supports shuttered strip club she used to work at

Rapper Cardi B is supporting her former place of employment, Brooklyn hip-hop and strip spot Lust.

The jiggle joint, aka Love & Lust, has been shuttered, and owner Imran Jairam’s filed a $125 million claim alleging his business had been unfairly targeted by cops and the State Liquor Authority since it opened in 2014, and that a former NYPD deputy inspector shook him down last year.

Cardi posted an Instagram Story saying: “Justice for LUST!!! Come on now that’s f - - ked up, never a shoot out, nobody ever got murked. Its like you can’t win for s - - t!!! OPEN THEM LOCKS.”

Insiders tell us that dancers and bartenders are out of work and “will surely seek employment at competing clubs.”

50 Cent has also lent support to the club, but got himself in hot water with the NYPD by urging fans, with gun slang, to “get the strap,” in response to the closure.

The NYPD Captains Endowment Association president has said that the club is “looking to shift focus from their bad conduct.”

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