Cardi B Vs. Azealia Banks: Fans Go Wild With Memes After Cardi Deletes Her Instagram Amid Feud

After Cardi B deleted her Instagram following Azealia Banks’ comments that she’s a ‘bird,’ fans erupted on Twitter with memes and jokes about the feud. See the best ones here!

Azealia Banks, 26, came for Cardi B, 25, and the feud is now being debated over by fans through the use of memes and funny comments. One person made a joke about how Azealia called the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker “illiterate” while discussing a shift in how female hip-hop artists are perceived. “If Azealia Banks was THAT concerned about Cardi B’s reading comprehension reflecting poorly on female rappers then she would’ve gotten some muffins and a Phonics™ book and gone to her house like “come on girl, let’s sound this shit out,” a fan tweeted. Another shared a video of Nicki Minaj laughing with the caption, “watching azealia and cardi get butthurt with each other while nicki remains unfazed.”

The feud began when Azealia slammed the “Be Careful” singer during an interview with The Breakfast Club on May 11. It started off when DJ Envy asked his guest if she really did once call Cardi an “illiterate untalented rat.” The “212” songstress, who’s fought publicly with everyone from Zayn Malik to Iggy Azalea – happily answered yes, before explaining why. “I feel like maybe two years ago the conversation surrounding black women’s culture was really reaching an all time high,” she said. “There was just this really…intelligent conversation going on nationally. And then everything just kind of changed. And then it was like, Cardi B.” Yikes.

Cardi ended up clapping back on Instagram, with a message that ranged from her saying she never asked to be a role model to criticizing her enemy for lightening her skin. Then, Azealia fired back on her own account, which then prompted yet another response from the expectant mother of Offset‘s child. The drama escalated so far that Cardi ended up deleting her Instagram and making her Twitter account private.

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