Cardi’s Shocking TMI Pregnancy Confession: I Can’t See My Vagina To Shave Around It

Leave it to Cardi B to give too much info! The rapper had us all cracking up with her pregnancy woes on Twitter this afternoon!

LOL. Cardi B, 25, took to Twitter to share some of her pregnancy struggles, and of course, shared a little too much, revealing her belly was so big, she couldn’t shave her vagina! It all started when she tweeted, “SAD NEWS:I can’t see my vagina anymore.” She then returned to the conversation, screenshotting the massive amounts of RTs her original tweet got, and writing, “SMH 200K likes on this tweet ?I guess ya love when I’m miserable You know how hard it is to shave my vagina?” LOL, OMG. “literally have to put one leg up in the sink while i look in the mirror facefront. I hate all of yaaa,” she added, with dozens of emojis in between. What was life before Cardi?!

One Twitter user suggested the expecting rapper get a wax, since she can’t shave. “Hell Fuckin nooooo .I cannot take that pain,” Cardi responded. We wonder how she will feel about child birth… The singer is due to give birth to her first child in July, and has most recently stopped all public appearances as she nears her due date! She’s been super open with her fans about her pregnancy struggles since making the announcement on SNL in March. Just last week, she took to Twitter to sound off on her cramps and ask for some advice. “Why is it that every time babyfather leaves that’s when i start getting heart burn ,cramps ,back pains ,baby start kicking harder and faster ..Like wtf?? I Been so uncomfortable for the past 2 days. Do babies get attach to people even if they in the belly ?” Cardi is just so relatable.

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