Carrie Ann Inaba alludes to being ‘terrorized’ on ‘Showgirls’ set

“Dancing with the Stars” judge Carrie Ann Inaba claimed to the ladies of “The Talk” that she was “terrorized” while working on a movie set, which she implied may have been “Showgirls.”

“I worked on a dance film many years ago which I will not name the name of, but we were dressed as showgirls,” she said with a wink on an episode of the show that aired Tuesday.

“We had somebody who worked, and he was in a big position and he terrorized us, because we were in these black leather tops with our boobies out … he made us feel so uncomfortable, it was like a terrorism in such a weird form because he called meetings but we were, like, uncovered.”

Inaba, who has been a ballroom judge on ABC’s “DWTS” for over 10 years, said the man in question would hold these meetings at the most uncomfortable times.

“We’d be dancing and then in the middle of the take he’d stop and he’d say, ‘Alright everyone, let’s come for a meeting,’ and we’d be up here on the stage and he’d be like, ‘Right where that is.’ It was so uncomfortable,” she recalled, adding that she felt “unsafe” while on the job.

“Showgirls” was released in 1995 and followed Nomi, played by Elizabeth Berkley, who heads to Las Vegas where her dreams of becoming a dancer go wrong.

“The stage broke a few times it was just one of those jobs where everything went wrong and this person was not looking out for anybody’s interest, and it makes you feel so unsafe, you want to feel safe when you go to work, you don’t want to feel terrorized, and certainly not leered at, it’s your body its so uncomfortable.”

A rep for the film’s director, Paul Verhoeven, denied knowledge of any workplace misconduct in a statement to Page Six.

“Mr. Verhoeven has no recollection of any improprieties on the set,” the rep said. “He did not work with the dancers, only with the choreographer.”

Request for comment from Berkley was not immediately returned.

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