CBB’s Luisa Zissman unveils ’tiny’ new boobs after removing implants

Luisa Zissman has been praised by fans after she revealed she’s gotten rid of her boob implants in favour of a smaller size.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star decided togo from an E Cup to a ‘B or C Cup’ after she said she was ‘sick of looking like a Love Island porn star.’


Taking to Instagram with the news, Luisa shared a series of clips with her 455k followers, admitting that her breasts grew bigger after the birth of her children.

‘Loads of you have asked why I was in hospital and actually I had my implants out,’ the 31-year-old revealed.

She then added: ‘No more big boobies! I was sick of them, I was sick of looking like a Love Island porn star’.

Speaking about the reduction, Luisa – who is mum to eight-year-old daughter Dixie, two-year-old Indigo and nine-month-old Clementine – then admitted: ‘I actually feel ok, I’m not really in that much pain, but I was in hospital since Saturday, I was like out of it. Now I like have no t**s.’

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‘Basically I didn’t want them that big any more. So I had them out and then I had a lift and I have got, like, a really small implant in,’ she continued.

Speaking about her decision further, she said: ‘I got really sick of having massive boobs and clothes looking horrible and I just got fed up. I wanted little ones.’

The Apprentice star then gave fans a cheeky glimpse of her new chest, as she said: ‘Nothing, look. Tiny.’

Although it looks like Luisa is already missing her bigger bust, as she then added an old photo on her Instagram story, writing: ‘RIP Girls. It was totes emosh,’ over the snap.

When asked what her husband, Andrew Collins, thinks about her new look, the reality star then hit back: ‘I don’t really know what my husband thinks, I don’t really care. It’s my body.

‘I wanted it done so I had it done. He’d never really say, do it or not.’ Too right!

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